The stereo separation of dr dre headphones is so popular

Published: 15th March 2011
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The stereo separation of dr dre headphones is so popular

Iím not one of those who does a long burn-in on headphones right after delivery. Iím too impatient for that. Burn-in is when you play music through headphones . The audio

vibrations help make the diaphragm more flexible, resulting in a more natural, relaxed sound. Keep in mind that a burn-in of dr dre headphones will happen anyway just from use.

Performing a burn-in just speeds the process up.

But I like to listen right out of the box, so I can hear how better they get over time. And since I use headphones about 6-8 hours per day, they get burned-in pretty quickly anyway.

One thing I noticed about the On Ears is how clear they sound. While the 40mm drivers do lean to the warm side and are forgiving sounding , thereís an accuracy that usually comes out with more expensive models. That was surprising. I was expecting a more bassy dr dre headphones from all the marketing. But the bass was more complimentary and realistic than overbearing. Too much bass becomes very tiring over an extended period. And thatís not a good thing.

Things didnít begin well for the On Ears while listening to some older 60s music.I may had cotton over my ears. Part of the problem is the over-compressed analog mix, which letís just say weíve learned a lot in that area since then. And a lack of a decent, remastered version didnít help. A different problem became apparent with another song from that era. Peter & Gordonís "A World Without Love" has a great instrumental sound that was clear and engaging. And the absolute stereo separation so popular back then just made it worse by killing any chance of sound stage. It was fast becoming clear that the dr dre headphonesĖ and many newer headphones are geared to a more modern mix.auther qigenisdom201103

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